姓 名 题 名 刊 名 影响因子
王兵 邹声泉 Decitabine inhibits the cell growth of cholangiocarcinoma in cultured|cell lines and mouse xenografts ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
杨锐 陈勇军 胡俊波 邹声泉 MicroRNA-144 suppresses cholangiocarcinoma cell proliferation and|invasion through targeting platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase|isoform 1b BMC CANCER 3.362
祝伟 Mouse Models of Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Ventricle, Cortex, and|Hippocampus by Injections of Autologous Blood or Collagenase PLOS ONE 3.234
王有娜 祝戎飞 刘光辉 Prevalence of uncontrolled allergic rhinitis in Wuhan, China: A|prospective cohort study AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RHINOLOGY & ALLERGY 1.81
刘勇 朱遂强 Neuroprotective effect of ischemic preconditioning in focal cerebral|infarction: relationship with upregulation of vascular endothelial|growth factor NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH 0.22
苏铁芬 朱朋成 Metanephric adenosarcoma: a rare case with immunohistochemistry and|molecular analysis DIAGNOSTIC PATHOLOGY 2.597
朱朋成 敖启林 Langerhans cells proliferation in ectopic micronodular thymoma with|lymphoid stroma: a case report INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
Roshan Kumar Arjal 朱婷婷 周义成 The study of fetal-type posterior cerebral circulation on multislice CT|angiography and its influence on cerebral ischemic strokes CLINICAL IMAGING 0.81
魏来 杨娟 周琦 Sodium ferulate lowers portal pressure in rats with secondary biliary|cirrhosis through the RhoA/Rho-kinase signaling pathway: A preliminary|study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2.088
邢帅 张雪 周平 Comparative efficacy and safety of mizoribine with mycophenolate mofetil|for Asian renal transplantation-A meta-analysis CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2.275
薛承彪 刘勇 周平 Powerful Protection Against Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury by T|CellYSpecific NF-JB Inhibition TRANSPLANTATION 3.828
周曼玲 朱旭慧 叶思莹 周碧云 Blocking TLR2 in vivo attenuates experimental hepatitis induced by|concanavalin A in mice INTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY 2.472
曹阳 周晓曦 马丁 周剑峰 Inhibition of STAT3 activity re-activates anti-tumor immunity but fails|to restore the immunogenicity of tumor cells in a B-cell lymphoma model CANCER BIOLOGY & THERAPY 3.072
李春蕊 周剑峰 Abnormal immunophenotype provides a key diagnostic marker: a report of|29 cases of de novo aggressive natural killer cell leukemia TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 5.03
秦旭 罗吉 周彬 Using rigidly fixed autogenous tooth graft to repair bone defect: an|animal model DENTAL TRAUMATOLOGY 1.601
周彬 毛靖 Adopting the Principles of Collagen Biomineralization for Intrafibrillar|Infiltration of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia into Three-Dimensional|Collagen Scaffolds ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 11.805
郑瑜 李舟 熊敏 艾继辉 Hormonal replacement treatment improves clinical pregnancy in|frozen-thawed embryos transfer cycles: a retrospective cohort study AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
郑翠红 张明敏 The effect of transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation on|pregnancy rates in women undergoing in vitro fertilization: a study|protocol for a randomized controlled trial TRIALS 1.731
程丹 薛峥 甄国华 Epithelial Interleukin-25 Is a Key Mediator in Th2-High,|Corticosteroid-Responsive Asthma AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 12.996
程丹 甄国华 RAD51 Gene 135G/C polymorphism and the risk of four types of common|cancers: a meta-analysis DIAGNOSTIC PATHOLOGY 2.597
易玲玲 程丹 甄国华 Pulmonary epithelioid hemangioendothelioma coexisting with pulmonary|nodular amyloidosis: case discussion and review of the literature INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
易玲玲 程丹 甄国华 A Meta-Analysis of P2X7 Gene-762T/C Polymorphism and Pulmonary|Tuberculosis Susceptibility PLOS ONE 3.234
张侃 程丹 易玲玲 甄国华 Association between angiotensin I-converting enzyme gene polymorphism|and susceptibility to cancer: a meta analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
赵霞 Proteasome inhibitors and knockdown of SMG1 cause accumulation of Upf1|and Upf2 in human cells INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
李媛 王九军 高山 赵西平 Decreased Peripheral Natural Killer Cells Activity in the Immune|Activated Stage of Chronic Hepatitis B PLOS ONE 3.234
赵捷 曾万江 曹育春 黄波 Immunotherapy of HPV infection-caused genital warts using low dose|cyclophosphamide EXPERT REVIEW OF CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2.484
陈昌彪 赵建平 Effects of Mitochondrial ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels on the|Proliferation and Secretion of Human Airway Smooth Muscle Cells IRANIAN JOURNAL OF ALLERGY ASTHMA AND IMMUNOLOGY 0.989
何鑫亮 吴维 赵建平 Effect of interleukin-33 on Th1/Th2 cytokine ratio in peripheral|lymphocytes in asthmatic mice CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL 1.053
吴维 赵建平 IL-33 promotes mouse keratinocyte-derived chemokine, an IL-8 homologue,|expression in airway smooth muscle cells in ovalbumin-sensitized mice ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY 0.971
赵付杰 王炎 汪道文 Effect of Nicorandil in Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review|and Meta-Analysis CARDIOVASCULAR THERAPEUTICS 2.362
蔡倩方 章汉旺 Fertility clinicians and infertile patients in China have different|preferences in fertility care HUMAN REPRODUCTION 4.569
董熙远 王睿 章汉旺 Surgical treatment for endometrioma does not increase clinical pregnancy|rate or live birth/ongoing pregnancy rate after fresh IVF/ICSI treatment AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
黄凯 董熙远 隋聪 章汉旺 MiR-223 suppresses endometrial carcinoma cells proliferation by|targeting IGF-1R AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
黄凯 董熙远 章汉旺 Effect of overweight/obesity on IVF-ET outcomes in chinese patients with|polycystic ovary syndrome INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
艾波 张正 廖永德 Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic esophagectomy with intrathoracic|anastomosis for middle or lower esophageal carcinoma JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE 1.783
张占国 陈伟勋 梁慧芳 张必翔 MiR-132 prohibits proliferation, invasion, migration, and metastasis in|breast cancer by targeting HN1 BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
张瑜 陈瑜 周建华 HBx transfection limits proliferative capacity of podocytes through cell|cycle regulation ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2.191
张瑜 周建华 陈瑜 Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a child with|steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome: a case report and review of|literature INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
张毅 Regulatory effects of anandamide on intracellular Ca2+ concentration|increase in trigeminal ganglion neurons NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH 0.22
张毅 岳静 Channelrhodopsin-2-Expressed Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons Activates|Calcium Channel Currents and Increases Action Potential in Spinal Cord SPINE 2.297
尹琎 隗佳 张义成 Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation as the First-Line Treatment for|Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma: Results of a Comprehensive Meta-Analysis ACTA HAEMATOLOGICA 1.116
朱晓敏 关军 徐金环 张义成[Zhu, Xianmin; Guan, Jun; Xu, Jinhuan; Wei, Jia; Jiang, Lijun; Yin, Jin; Zhao, Lei; Zhang, Yicheng] Huazhong Univ Sci & Technol, Tongji Hosp, Tongji Med Coll, Dept Hematol, Wuhan 430030, Peoples R China Pilot study using tacrolimus rather than cyclosporine plus antithymocyte|globulin as an immunosuppressive therapy regimen option for severe|aplastic anemia in adults BLOOD CELLS MOLECULES AND DISEASES 2.646
贾钰 莫世静 雷万龙 EPO-Dependent Activation of PI3K/Akt/FoxO3a Signalling Mediates|Neuroprotection in In Vitro and In Vivo Models of Parkinson's Disease JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2.343
段光友 向桂芳 张咸伟 An Improvement of Mechanical Pain Sensitivity Measurement Method: The|Smaller Sized Probes may Detect Heterogeneous Sensory Threshold in|Healthy Male Subjects PAIN MEDICINE 2.3
张万广 张惠兰 Regulation of transplanted mesenchymal stem cells by the lung progenitor|niche in rats with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease RESPIRATORY RESEARCH 3.093
张万广 何丽 张惠兰 Establishment of surfactant-associated protein a suicide gene system and|analysis of its activity JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
方瑜 邱占东 张苏明 Effect of piracetam on the cognitive performance of patients undergoing|coronary bypass surgery: A meta-analysis EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE 1.269
胡文涛 方瑜 张苏明 Transient folate deprivation in combination with small-molecule|compounds facilitates the generation of somatic cell-derived pluripotent|stem cells in mice JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
闫秋月 胡文涛 方瑜 张苏明 Transient folate deprivation facilitates the generation of mouse-induced|pluripotent stem cells CELL BIOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 1.933
杨萍 胡双 张述 王从义 Sumoylation modulates oxidative stress relevant to the viability and|functionality of pancreatic beta cells AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
张琴 冉晓 汪道文 Relation of Plasma Tissue Kallikrein Levels to Presence and Severity of|Coronary Artery Disease in a Chinese Population PLOS ONE 3.234
许仁帆 陈光志 张木勋 Influence of Vitamin E Supplementation on Glycaemic Control: A|Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials PLOS ONE 3.234
崔丹丹 郑翠红 文露 马雯雯 Effects of Bu-Shen-An-Tai Recipe and Its Two Components on Endometrial|Morphology during Peri-implantation in Superovulated Mice JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
罗彦 潘邓记 张旻 Effectiveness of thymectomy in non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis: a|systematic review JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
韩娜 张孟贤 Effects of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) gene silencing on the|radiosensitivity of glioblastoma INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
李永胜 韩娜 张孟贤 Lentivirus-Mediated Nox4 shRNA Invasion and Angiogenesis and Enhances|Radiosensitivity in Human Glioblastoma OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY 3.516
张菁 陈浪 Diagnostic performance of the three-dimensional fast spin echo-Cube sequence in comparison with a conventional imaging protocol in evaluation of the lachrymal drainage system HEAD AND NECK 4.014
韩庆东 刘胜文 张华楸 DCPIB, a potent volume-regulated anion channel antagonist, Attenuates|microglia-mediated inflammatory response and neuronal injury following|focal cerebral ischemia BRAIN RESEARCH 2.843
宋寅伟 穆可涛 朱文珍 张虹 Altered Spontaneous Brain Activity in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A|Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study PLOS ONE 3.234
程平 孟凡凯 张东华 Fatal Fusarium solani Infection After Stem Cell Transplant for Aplastic|Anemia EXPERIMENTAL AND CLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION 0.622
刘龙龙 张东华 Over-expression of FoxM1 is associated with adverse prognosis and|FLT3-ITD in acute myeloid leukemia BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
张冰 张东华 Effects of metformin on FOXM1 expression and on the biological behavior|of acute leukemia cell lines MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
张程亮 徐艳娇 刘东 In Vitro Evaluation of the Inhibitory Potential of Pharmaceutical|Excipients on Human Carboxylesterase 1A and 2 PLOS ONE 3.234
张程亮 余早勤 刘东 Chronopharmacodynamics and Chronopharmacokinetics of Pethidine in Mice PLOS ONE 3.234
张波 陈知水 张杰 Delivery of Placenta-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorates Ischemia|Induced Limb Injury by Immunomodulation CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2.875
丁则阳 张必翔 陈孝平 Reduced Expression of Transcriptional Intermediary Factor 1 Gamma|Promotes Metastasis and Indicates Poor Prognosis of Hepatocellular|Carcinoma HEPATOLOGY 11.055
李宁 周学锋 张文 Ceftriaxone and Acute Renal Failure in Children PEDIATRICS 5.473
占成业 唐锦辉 Effects of tanshinone IIA on the transforming growth factor beta 1/Smad|signaling pathway in rat cardiac fibroblasts INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY 0.691
曾亮 Adherens junctional associated protein-1: A novel 1p36 tumor suppressor|candidate in gliomas (Review) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
曾亮 The adherens junction- associated protein 1 is a negative|transcriptional regulator of MAGEA2, which potentiates temozolomide-|induced apoptosis in GBM INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
张叶芳 何凡 吕永曼 曾红兵 Effect of uric-acid-lowering therapy on progression of chronic kidney|disease: A meta-analysis JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
曾恒 Chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 RNA interference inhibits bone|metastasis in breast cancer ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
刘曌宇 邹远林 曾和松 Analysis of clinical features of painless aortic dissection JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
刘婉君 王贝 曾和松 A potential therapeutic effect of CYP2C8 overexpression on|anti-TNF-alpha activity INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2.088
崔晓宾 Prognostic Value of PLCE1 Expression in Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer: a|Systematic Review and Meta-analysis ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
黄柳 陈凤菊 陈阳阳 袁响林 Thymidine phosphorylase gene variant, platelet counts and survival in|gastrointestinal cancer patients treated by fluoropyrimidines SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5.578
吴焕磊 袁响林 Lack of association between interleukin-4-524C > T polymorphism and|colorectal cancer susceptibility TUMOR BIOLOGY 3.611
杨菊 吴焕磊 熊慧华 袁响林 HPV seropositivity joints with susceptibility loci identified in GWASs|at apoptosis associated genes to increase the risk of Esophageal|Squamous Cell Carcinoma (ESCC) BMC CANCER 3.362
于倩倩 杨菊 袁响林 Combined effects of leukocyte telomere length, p53 polymorphism and|human papillomavirus infection on esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in|a Han Chinese population CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY 2.711
张莉 袁响林 SNPs in the transforming growth factor-beta pathway as predictors of|outcome in advanced lung adenocarcinoma with EGFR mutations treated with|gefitinib ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY 7.04
邹红 赵瑾 袁响林 Xp11 translocation renal cell carcinoma in adults: a clinicopathological|and comparative genomic hybridization study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
袁明 汪雯雯 栗妍 王世宣 Risk factors for recurrence of ovarian endometriomas after surgical|excision JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
刘喆龙 陈曦 何文涛 余学峰 Associations study of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms with|diabetic microvascular complications: a meta-analysis GENE 2.138
余维巍 夏秦 吴艳 卜巧云 Activation of PPAR-gamma Inhibits Differentiation of Rat Osteoblasts by|Reducing Expression of Connective Tissue Growth Factor JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
昌磊 肖巍 徐华 Pseudomonas aeruginosa-mannose-sensitive hemagglutinin inhibits|epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway activation and|induces apoptosis in bladder cancer cells in vitro and in vivo UROLOGIC ONCOLOGY-SEMINARS AND ORIGINAL INVESTIGATIONS 2.768
余淦 徐华 miRNA-34a Suppresses Cell Proliferation and Metastasis by Targeting CD44|in Human Renal Carcinoma Cells JOURNAL OF UROLOGY 4.471
曹宇文 于世英 BRCA1 Gene Exon 11 Mutations in Uighur and Han Women with Early-onset|Sporadic Breast Cancer in the Northwest Region of China ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
曹玉文 于世英 Notch1 single nucleotide polymorphism rs3124591 is associated with the|risk of development of invasive ductal breast carcinoma in a Chinese|population INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
常保萍 于世英 miR-200c inhibits metastasis of breast cancer cells by targeting HMGB1 JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
于世英 Safety and Efficacy of Once-Daily Hydromorphone Extended-Release Versus|Twice-Daily Oxycodone Hydrochloride Controlled-Release in Chinese|Patients With Cancer Pain: A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind,|Multicenter Study JOURNAL OF PAIN 4.01
楚翔宇 游洪波 袁雪峰 Effect of lentivirus-mediated RNA interference of APC-Cdh1 expression on|spinal cord injury in rats GENETICS AND MOLECULAR RESEARCH 0.775
易惠明 张伟 邓又斌 Radiofrequency ablation versus surgical resection for the treatment of|hepatocellular carcinoma conforming to the Milan criteria: systemic|review and meta-analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
刘涛 薛晨晨 易成腊 Overexpression of mitofusin 2 inhibits reactive astrogliosis|proliferation in vitro NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 2.03
易成腊 Intraoperative Fluoroscopic Evaluation of Screw Placement During Pelvic|and Acetabular Surgery JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC TRAUMA 1.803
易斌 杨继鑫 王立忠 The growth inhibitory effect of 17-DMAG on ALK and MYCN double-positive|neuroblastoma cell line TUMOR BIOLOGY 3.611
唐焜 徐华 叶章群 Laparoscopic Renal Cryoablation Versus Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy|for the Treatment of Small Renal Masses: A Systematic Review and|Meta-analysis of Comparative Studies JOURNAL OF LAPAROENDOSCOPIC & ADVANCED SURGICAL TECHNIQUES 1.335
叶飞 高庆蕾 Co-abrogation of Chk1 and Chk2 by potent oncolytic adenovirus|potentiates the antitumor efficacy of cisplatin or irradiation CANCER GENE THERAPY 2.416
叶达伟 卜慧莲 高峰 Activation of CXCL10/CXCR3 Signaling Attenuates Morphine Analgesia:|Involvement of Gi Protein JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2.343
邹荣 何莹 姚颖 Telmisartan protects 5/6 Nx rats against renal injury by enhancing|nNOS-derived NO generation via regulation of PPAR gamma signaling AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
张炯 李俊华 徐钢 姚颖 Glucocorticoid receptor agonist dexamethasone attenuates renal|ischemia/reperfusion injury by up-regulating eNOS/iNOS JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
姚文龙 张传汉 Cervical spinal cord compression after thyroidectomy under general|anesthesia JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIA 1.176
杨雁 Long Term Exendin-4 Treatment Reduces Food Intake and Body Weight and|Alters Expression of Brain Homeostatic and Reward Markers ENDOCRINOLOGY 4.503
钟继鑫 余启林 杨萍 王从义 MBD2 regulates T(H)17 differentiation and experimental autoimmune|encephalomyelitis by controlling the homeostasis of T-bet/Hlx axis JOURNAL OF AUTOIMMUNITY 8.41
凃雅琴 杨萍 张述 王从义 Clinical and genetic characteristics for the Urofacial Syndrome (UFS) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
杜宇 郑海燕 杨彩虹 Metformin inhibits histone H2B monoubiquitination and downstream gene|transcription in human breast cancer cells ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
程丹 张侃 甄国华 薛峥 The-116C/G Polymorphism in XBP1 Gene is Associated with Psychiatric|Illness in Asian Population: A Meta-Analysis AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS PART B-NEUROPSYCHIATRIC GENETICS 3.416
向威 蒋婷 许凯 Hedgehog pathway inhibitor-4 suppresses malignant properties of|chondrosarcoma cells by disturbing tumor ciliogenesis ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2.301
向威 许凯 Evaluating the Role of PTH in Promotion of Chondrosarcoma Cell|Proliferation and Invasion by Inhibiting Primary Cilia Expression INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2.862
许峰 朱遂强 Pneumocephalus following the minimally invasive hematoma aspiration and|thrombolysis for ICH BRITISH JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY 0.96
徐宇军 公威 彭佳 丁虎 汪道文 Functional Analysis LRP6 Novel Mutations in Patients with Coronary|Artery Disease PLOS ONE 3.234
王敏 朱峰 秦仁义 Greater Omentum Binding: A Simple Technique to Cover the Pancreatic|Remnant after Distal Pancreatectomy JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS 5.122
徐盟 王敏 秦仁义 A new approach for Roux-en-Y reconstruction after|pancreaticoduodenectomy HEPATOBILIARY & PANCREATIC DISEASES INTERNATIONAL 1.517
苏云术 徐利军 MicroRNA-152 targets ADAM17 to suppress NSCLC progression FEBS LETTERS 3.169
徐凯 mTOR signaling in tumorigenesis BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-REVIEWS ON CANCER 7.845
唐焜 徐华 Early Outcomes of Thulium Laser Versus Transurethral Resection of the|Prostate for Managing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Systematic Review|and Meta-Analysis of Comparative Studies JOURNAL OF ENDOUROLOGY 1.708
徐光锦 王伟 周民 Spatial Organization of NG2 Glial Cells and Astrocytes in Rat|Hippocampal CA1 Region HIPPOCAMPUS 4.162
裴广畅 曾锐 姚颖 徐钢 Renal Interstitial Infiltration and Tertiary Lymphoid Organ Neogenesis|in IgA Nephropathy CLINICAL JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY 4.613
徐飞 黄仕龙 Decreased osteoclastogenesis, osteoblastogenesis and low bone mass in a|mouse model of type 2 diabetes MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
徐蓓 岳静 李豫峰 艾继辉 章汉旺 朱桂金 Effect of Dehydroepiandrosterone Administration in Patients with Poor|Ovarian Response According to the Bologna Criteria PLOS ONE 3.234
徐蓓 章汉旺 朱桂金 Regulation of endometrial receptivity by the highly expressed HOXA9,|HOXA11 and HOXD10 HOX-class homeobox genes HUMAN REPRODUCTION 4.569
熊颖 朱文珍 张强 王伟 Observation of post-MCAO cortical inflammatory edema in rats by 7.0Tesla|MRI JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
程浩 熊伟 Long-lasting in vivo and in vitro antibacterial ability of|nanostructured titania coating incorporated with silver nanoparticles JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A 3.369
程胜 陈辉龙 熊维宁 Exclusion of IL-21 in the pathogenesis of OVA-induced asthma in mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
熊甜 李杰 毛靖 徐嘉琦 Medication-Related Problems Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults After|Recent Hospital Discharge in Mainland China NURSING RESEARCH 1.356
熊晶 杨琴 周晟 Effects of MDM2 inhibitors on vascular endothelial growth|factor-mediated tumor angiogenesis in human breast cancer ANGIOGENESIS 4.876
熊家强 李亚 黄克诚 王世宣 Association between DAPK1 Promoter Methylation and Cervical Cancer: A|Meta-Analysis PLOS ONE 3.234
邹燕梅 胡广原 熊华 Hypoxia-induced Autophagy Contributes to Radioresistance via|c-Jun-mediated Beclin1 Expression in Lung Cancer Cells JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
刘阳 谢敏杰 Linolenic Acid Provides Multi-cellular Protective Effects After|Photothrombotic Cerebral Ischemia in Rats NEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH 2.593
陈晨 徐永健 谢俊刚 Decreased concentration of IL-35 in plasma of patients with asthma and|COPD ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY 0.971
吴红勖 谢俊刚 徐永健 Interleukin-33/ST2 signaling promotes production of interleukin-6 and|interleukin-8 in systemic inflammation in cigarette smoke-induced|chronic obstructive pulmonary disease mice BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
杨士芳 谢俊刚 徐永健 Feasibility of 8-OHdG formation and hOGG1 induction in PBMCs for|assessing oxidative DNA damage in the lung of COPD patients RESPIROLOGY 3.345
肖毅 邓陶然 商臻 Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to|Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a Chinese Population: A Meta-Analysis ONCOLOGY RESEARCH AND TREATMENT 0
肖毅 隗佳 Positron emission tomography alone, positron emission|tomography-computed tomography and computed tomography in diagnosing|recurrent cervical carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis ARCHIVES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE 2.03
肖毅 殷杰 隗佳 商臻 Incidence and Risk of Cardiotoxicity Associated with Bortezomib in the|Treatment of Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis PLOS ONE 3.234
肖毅 殷杰 隗佳 商臻 Statin Use Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Haematological|Malignancies: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis PLOS ONE 3.234
戴劲 唐焜 肖巍 徐华 Prognostic Significance of C-reactive Protein in Urological Cancers: a|Systematic Review and Meta-analysis ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
李恒 王骥 徐华 Epigenetic Inactivation of KLF4 is Associated with Urothelial Cancer|Progression and Early Recurrence JOURNAL OF UROLOGY 4.471
肖海兵 李恒 徐华 MicroRNA-10b promotes migration and invasion through KLF4 and HOXD10 in|human bladder cancer ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2.301
肖巍 王骥 徐华 Fibulin-1 is epigenetically down-regulated and related with bladder|cancer recurrence BMC CANCER 3.362
项涛 方勇 王世宣 Quercetin Suppresses HeLa Cells by Blocking PI3K/Akt Pathway JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
叶达伟 刘成 田学愎 项红兵 Identification of neuroanatomic circuits from spinal cord to stomach in|mouse: retrograde transneuronal viral tracing study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
叶达伟 刘成 项红兵 Motor Cortex-Periaqueductal Gray-Spinal Cord Neuronal Circuitry May|Involve in Modulation of Nociception: A Virally Mediated Transsynaptic|Tracing Study in Spinally Transected Transgenic Mouse Model PLOS ONE 3.234
向艳 李斌 田学愎 Gene transfer to human trabecular meshwork cells in vitro and ex vivo|using HIV-based lentivirus INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY 0.705
夏文飞 易继林 Reversal Effect of Low-Intensity Ultrasound on Adriamycin-Resistant|Human Hepatoma Cells In Vitro and In Vivo INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMAGING SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY 1.301
夏文飞 易继林 Association study of c.910A > G and c.1686C > G polymorphisms in XRCC1|gene with risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in the Chinese population GENETICS AND MOLECULAR RESEARCH 0.775
黄玉 席青松 夏曙 于世英 Development and validation of a prognostic scale for hospitalized|patients with terminally ill cancer in China SUPPORTIVE CARE IN CANCER 2.364
刘青 乔福元 吴媛媛 Promoter hypomethylation and increased maspin expression in preeclamptic|placentas in a Chinese population PLACENTA 2.71
孙苏娟 韩迎燕 马丁 吴鹏 Trichostatin A Targets the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain, Increasing|Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Production to Trigger Apoptosis in|Human Breast Cancer Cells PLOS ONE 3.234
吴明富 杨洁 史艳燕 刘丽江 miR-21 targets Fas ligand-mediated apoptosis in breast cancer cell line|MCF-7 JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
吴敏 吴毅平 E2F1 suppresses cardiac neovascularization by down-regulating VEGF and|PlGF expression CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH 5.94
褚倩 韩娜 吴孔明 DACH1 inhibits cyclin D1 expression, cellular proliferation and tumor|growth of renal cancer cells JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY 4.812
袁逊 袁响林 吴孔明 Notch signaling and EMT in non-small cell lung cancer: biological|significance and therapeutic application JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY 4.812
付涛 夏程岩 吴华 Surgical versus conservative treatment for displaced proximal humeral|fractures in elderly patients: a meta-analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
宋明宇 杨勇 吴华 The Time-Dependent Manner of Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Fields on Rat|Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Proliferation, Differentiation, and|Mineralization CELL BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 1.68
宋明宇 赵东明 吴华 The Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on the Proliferation and the|Osteogenic or Adipogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells|Modulated by Dexamethasone BIOELECTROMAGNETICS 1.705
虞冀哲 吴华 杨勇 Osteogenic differentiation of bone mesenchymal stem cells regulated by|osteoblasts under EMF exposure in a co-culture system JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
魏世超 董苏 徐丽君 Intestinal absorption of berberine and 8-hydroxy dihydroberberine and|their effects on sugar absorption in rat small intestine JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
张剑剑 王龙 陈劲草 A treatment option for severe cerebellar hemorrhage with ventricular|extension in elderly patients: intraventricular fibrinolysis JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY 3.377
曾星 王志华 Upregulation of RASGRP3 expression in prostate cancer correlates with|aggressive capabilities and predicts biochemical recurrence after|radical prostatectomy PROSTATE CANCER AND PROSTATIC DISEASES 3.425
游良琨 廖永德 Advances in Targeting Insulin-like Growth Factor Signaling Pathway in|Cancer Treatment CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 3.452
夏辉 张登文 杨仕杰 王学仁 Role of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in modulating nociception in|rat model of bone cancer pain BRAIN RESEARCH 2.843
王兴旭 倪黎 陈琛 汪道文 CYP2J2-Derived Epoxyeicosatrienoic Acids Suppress Endoplasmic Reticulum|Stress in Heart Failure MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY 4.128
王小林 邵景范 Closed/open reduction and titanium elastic nails for severely displaced|proximal humeral fractures in children INTERNATIONAL ORTHOPAEDICS 2.11
秦灵芝 邱胜辉 王曦 p120 Modulates LPS-Induced NF-kappa B Activation Partially through RhoA|in Bronchial Epithelial Cells BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 1.579
静亮 彭希 谢敏杰 王伟 Different responses of cell cycle between rat vascular smooth muscle|cells and vascular endothelial cells to paclitaxel JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
田代实 熊晶 黄光英 王伟 De Qi, a Threshold of the Stimulus Intensity, Elicits the Specific|Response of Acupoints and Intrinsic Change of Human Brain to Acupuncture EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 1.88
杨锦珊 谢敏杰 王伟 Ephrin-A3 reverse signaling regulates hippocampal neuronal damage and|astrocytic glutamate transport after transient global ischemia JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY 4.281
王恬 栗妍 汪雯雯 马丁 Twist2, the key Twist isoform related to prognosis, promotes invasion of|cervical cancer by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal transition and|blocking senescence HUMAN PATHOLOGY 2.769
王恬 王世宣 Twist2 contributes to cisplatin-resistance of ovarian cancer through the|AKT/GSK-3 beta signaling pathway ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
王涛 谌科 CAMK2N1 inhibits prostate cancer progression through androgen|receptor-dependent signaling ONCOTARGET 6.359
王涛 刘卓 谌科 The tumor suppressive role of CAMK2N1 in castration-resistant prostate|cancer ONCOTARGET 6.359
杨竣 刘继红 Altered expression of mitofusin 2 in penile tissues of diabetic rats ANDROLOGIA 1.63
贾招辉 王少刚 Does Crystal Deposition in Genetic Hypercalciuric Rat Kidney Tissue|Share Similarities With Bone Formation? UROLOGY 2.188
王其 张必翔 陈孝平 Preoperative total cholesterol predicts postoperative outcomes after|partial hepatectomy in patients with chronic hepatitis B- or C-related|hepatocellular carcinoma SURGERY 3.38
王南 吕银章 徐安辉 李佳芮 Application of Lobaplatin in Trans-catheter Arterial Chemoembolization|for Primary Hepatic Carcinoma ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
冯业晨 王敏 秦仁义 Study on acute recent stage pancreatitis WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY 2.369
王曼 栗妍 苏铁芬 王世宣 Analysis of WNT9B mutations in Chinese women with|Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE 3.015
王靓 刘伟 彭杨 常立文 Synergetic Effect of alpha-Lipoic acid with Keratinocyter Growth Factor|on Protection Alveolar Epithelial Type II Cells of Rat Fetus from|Hyperoxia -Induced Injury CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2.875
马超群 王剑明 The aPKC iota blocking agent ATM negatively regulates EMT and invasion|of hepatocellular carcinoma CELL DEATH & DISEASE 5.014
陈文树 汪道文 王家宁 CYP2J2 and EETs Protect against Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in Vivo|and in Vitro Following Lung Ischemia/Reperfusion CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2.875
王红 管汉雄 汪道文 Partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection to superior vena cava that|overrides across the intact atrial septum and has bi-atrial connection|in a 75-year-old female presenting with pulmonary hypertension BMC CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS 1.878
凃雅琴 余其林 余学锋 王从义 Assessment of type 2 diabetes risk conferred by SNPs rs2241766 and|rs1501299 in the ADIPOQ gene, a case/control study combined with|meta-analyses MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 4.405
王超 肖亮 杨镇 A prospective randomized trial of selective versus nonselective|esophagogastric devascularization for portal hypertension JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
肖群根 谭一虎 王宝峰 Soluble LRIG2 Ectodomain Is Released from Glioblastoma Cells and|Promotes the Proliferation and Inhibits the Apoptosis of Glioblastoma|Cells In Vitro and In Vivo in a Similar Manner to the Full-Length LRIG2 PLOS ONE 3.234
侯红艳 刘伟勇 孙自镛 汪峰 Tim-3 Negatively Mediates Natural Killer Cell Function in LPS-Induced|Endotoxic Shock PLOS ONE 3.234
汪峰 侯红艳 孙自镛 Tim-3 signaling pathway as a novel negative mediator in|lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxic shock HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY 2.138
张所军 谢蕊繁 万锋 Neural stem cells preferentially migrate to glioma stem cells and reduce|their sternness phenotypes INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
刘亚飞 涂胜豪 Etanercept in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis: A systematic|review and meta-analysis EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE 1.269
刘亚飞 涂胜豪 董慧 Effects of Modified Simiao Decoction on IL-1 beta and TNF alpha|Secretion in Monocytic THP-1 Cells with Monosodium Urate|Crystals-Induced Inflammation EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 1.88
田学愎 向艳 高峰 Impact of malnutrition on propofol consumption and recovery time among|patients undergoing laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery ACTA ANAESTHESIOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA 2.322
吴凡 王旻新 田德英 Serum from patients with hepatitis E virus-related acute liver failure|induces human liver cell apoptosis EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE 1.269
徐晶 田德英 Hematologic toxicities associated with mTOR inhibitors temsirolimus and|everolimus in cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis CURRENT MEDICAL RESEARCH AND OPINION 2.653
许剑 吴凡 田德英 Open Reading Frame 3 of Genotype 1 Hepatitis E Virus Inhibits Nuclear|Factor-kappa appa B Signaling Induced by Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in|Human A549 Lung Epithelial Cells PLOS ONE 3.234
陈卫刚 田德安 郑勇 Gene chip technology used in the detection of HPV infection in|esophageal cancer of Kazakh Chinese in Xinjiang Province JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
邓欢 周珍珍 田德安 Knockdown of astrocyte elevated gene-1 inhibits growth through|suppression of IL-6 secretion in HepG2 human hepatoma cells ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
韩平 付妤 田德安 晏维 BVES Inhibition Triggers Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Human|Hepatocellular Carcinoma DIGESTIVE DISEASES AND SCIENCES 2.613
兰晓勤 肖芳 田德安 The effect of CXCL9 on the invasion ability of hepatocellular carcinoma|through up-regulation of PREX2 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR HISTOLOGY 1.815
徐丽红 肖芳 何佳怡 田德安 Lysophosphatidic acid increases SLC26A3 expression in inflamed intestine|and reduces diarrheal severity in C57BL/6 mice with|dextran-sodium-sulfate-induced colitis CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL 1.053
晏维 韩平 田德安 付妤 Netrin-1 Induces Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Promotes|Hepatocellular Carcinoma Invasiveness DIGESTIVE DISEASES AND SCIENCES 2.613
周珍珍 邓欢 晏维 田德安 AEG-1 Promotes Anoikis Resistance and Orientation Chemotaxis in|Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells PLOS ONE 3.234
张誉 朱遂强 刘娜 唐洲平 Efficient Generation of Neural Stem Cell-Like Cells from Rat Adipose|Derived Stem Cells After Lentiviral Transduction with Green Fluorescent|Protein MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 5.137
王密 唐望先 Upregulation of cannabinoid receptor-1 and fibrotic activation of mouse|hepatic stellate cells during Schistosoma J. infection: Role of NADPH|oxidase FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 5.736
王春娟 付佩彩 唐荣华 Lingo-1 Inhibited by RNA Interference Promotes Functional Recovery of|Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis ANATOMICAL RECORD-ADVANCES IN INTEGRATIVE ANATOMY AND EVOLUTIONARY|BIOLOGY 1.542
唐焜 夏丁 李恒 徐华 叶章群 Robotic vs. open radical cystectomy in bladder cancer: A systematic|review and meta-analysis EJSO 3.009
汤莹 杜光 New Norclerodane Diterpenoids from the Tubers of Dioscorea bulbifera CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN 1.164
刘彩林 陈中举 孙自镛 The impact of mgrA on progression of Staphylococcus aureus sepsis MICROBIAL PATHOGENESIS 1.794
刘彩林 孙自镛 Comparison of 16S rRNA gene PCR and blood culture for diagnosis of|neonatal sepsis ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE 0.407
孙茗悦 王月 陈中举 田磊 The first report of the vanC(1) gene in Enterococcus faecium isolated|from a human clinical specimen MEMORIAS DO INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZ 1.592
徐令清 汪峰 孙自镛 Pseudomonas aeruginosa inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi: In vitro|and in vivo studies EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE 1.269
张帆 于湉 孙旭芳 Radiation-inducible HtrA2 gene enhances radiosensitivity of uveal|melanoma OCM-1 cells in vitro and in vivo CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY 2.347
孙威 张霓 祖玉昆 Perinatal exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate leads to cognitive|dysfunction and phospho-tau level increase in aged rats ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY 3.197
曾雯 黄丽芳 孙汉英 Reduced-intensity and myeloablative conditioning allogeneic|hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in patients with acute myeloid|leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome: a meta-analysis and systematic|review INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 1.277
李娜 孙朝阳 陈刚 翁丹卉 Low Concentration of Quercetin Antagonizes the Cytotoxic Effects of|Anti-Neoplastic Drugs in Ovarian Cancer PLOS ONE 3.234
孙朝阳 李娜 丁冬 陈刚 马丁 The Role of BRCA Status on the Prognosis of Patients with Epithelial|Ovarian Cancer: A Systematic Review of the Literature with a|Meta-Analysis PLOS ONE 3.234
宋珂 黄梦琦 曹颖光 Cultivation and identification of rat bone marrow-derived mesenchymal|stem cells MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
宋景娇 Susceptibility of Different Hepatitis B Virus Isolates to|Interferon-Alpha in a Mouse Model Based on Hydrodynamic Injection PLOS ONE 3.234
张江国 宋建新 Diabetes mellitus and the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio predict overall|survival in non-viral hepatocellular carcinoma treated with|transarterial chemoembolization ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
卜慧莲 舒斌 田学愎 田玉科 Spinal IFN-gamma-induced protein-10 (CXCL10) mediates metastatic breast|cancer-induced bone pain by activation of microglia in rat models BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT 3.94
李恒 余淦肖巍 徐华 Cisplatin-induced epigenetic activation of miR-34a sensitizes bladder|cancer cells to chemotherapy MOLECULAR CANCER 4.257
邵诗颖 杨雁 Protective Action of Liraglutide in Beta Cells Under Lipotoxic Stress|Via PI3K/Akt/FoxO1 Pathway JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 3.263
戴俊 阮秋蓉 Correlation of Forkhead Box c2 with subtypes and invasive ability of|invasive breast cancer JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
刘卫硕 晏丹 阮秋蓉 Pentraxin 3 promotes oxLDL uptake and inhibits cholesterol efflux from|macrophage-derived foam cells EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY 2.706
阮磊 全小庆 张存泰 Increasing gap junction coupling suppresses ibutilide-induced torsades|de pointes EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE 1.269
全小庆 周洪莲 张存泰 Ability of ambulatory ECG-based T-wave alternans to modify risk|assessment of cardiac events: a systematic review BMC CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS 1.878
秦宇 赵雪娇 方勇 PP242 Synergizes With Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid to Inhibit Growth|of Ovarian Cancer Cells INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER 1.958
秦亮 宫晨 陈安民 廖晖 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonist rosiglitazone|inhibits migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells through|inhibition of the CXCR4/CXCL12 axis MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
秦亮 任晔 陈安民 廖晖 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ligands inhibit|VEGF-mediated vasculogenic mimicry of prostate cancer through the AKT|signaling pathway MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
钱坤 张素春 A Simple and Efficient System for Regulating Gene Expression in Human|Pluripotent Stem Cells and Derivatives STEM CELLS 6.523
平伟 付向宁 Clinicopathological and prognostic significance of hypoxia-inducible|factor-1 alpha in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis TUMOR BIOLOGY 3.611
郑智 郭国俊 潘友民 Left Atrial Myxoma with versus without Cerebral Embolism: Length of|Symptoms, Morphologic Characteristics, and Outcomes TEXAS HEART INSTITUTE JOURNAL 0.649
潘浩 谢雪萌 杨光田 Protective and biogenesis effects of sodium hydrosulfide on brain|mitochondria after cardiac arrest and resuscitation EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY 2.532
牛犇 梅伟 田玉科 Minimal alveolar concentration of sevoflurane for induction of|isoelectric electroencephalogram in middle-aged adults BRITISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA 4.853
黄加权 陶然 李兰 宁琴 Involvement of heat shock protein 47 in Schistosoma japonicum-induced|hepatic fibrosis in mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PARASITOLOGY 3.872
李咏 韩梅芳 宁琴 SOCS3 expression correlates with severity of inflammation in mouse|hepatitis virus strain 3-induced acute liver failure and HBV-ACLF JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
宁琴 韩梅芳 Switching from entecavir to PegIFN alfa-2a in patients with|HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B: A randomised open-label trial (OSST|trial) JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY 11.336
孙颖 习东 宁琴 Soluble FGL2, a novel effector molecule of activated hepatic stellate|cells, regulates T-cell function in cirrhotic patients with|hepatocellular carcinoma HEPATOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 1.78
王俊帅 马科 宁琴 黄元成 Nucleoside analogs prevent disease progression in HBV-related|acute-on-chronic liver failure: validation of the TPPM model HEPATOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 1.78
吴婷 李兰 宁琴 Transient elastography in hepatitis B virus infection Liver stiffness|discrepancy due to sampling location SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL 0.588
陈鹤翔 廖志品 梅伟 Continuous Right Thoracic Paravertebral Block Following Bolus Initiation|Reduced Postoperative Pain After Right-Lobe Hepatectomy A Randomized,|Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial REGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICINE 3.089
梅伟 李曼 田玉科 Tropisetron alleviate early post-operative pain after gynecological|laparoscopy in sevoflurane based general anaesthesia: A randomized,|parallel-group, factorial study EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAIN 2.928
Eyad almuhtaseb 毛靖 Three-dimensional localization of impacted canines and root resorption|assessment using cone beam computed tomography JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
龚士强 毛靖 Synthesis of antimicrobial silsesquioxane-silica hybrids by hydrolytic|co-condensation of alkoxysilanes POLYMER CHEMISTRY 5.52
张巍 罗晓娟 毛靖 One-pot synthesis of antibacterial monomers with dual biocidal modes JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY 2.749
刘毅 杨宗源 宫成 Quercetin enhances apoptotic effect of tumor necrosis factor-related|apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) in ovarian cancer cells through|reactive oxygen species (ROS) mediated CCAAT enhancer-binding protein|homologous protein (CHOP)-death receptor 5 pa CANCER SCIENCE 0
魏文浩 喻志源 王伟 骆翔 Cellular Expression Profile of RhoA in Rats with Spinal Cord Injury JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
付溪 高洪杰 罗小平 Mechanistic Effects of Amino Acids and Glucose in a Novel Glutaric|Aciduria Type 1 Cell Model PLOS ONE 3.234
刘坚 罗小平 Investigations of single nucleotide polymorphisms in folate pathway|genes in Chinese families with neural tube defects JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 2.474
田凤燕 付溪 罗小平 Glutaric Acid-Mediated Apoptosis in Primary Striatal Neurons BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 1.579
张文迪 余肖 罗小平 MicroRNAs function primarily in the pathogenesis of human anencephaly|via the mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway GENETICS AND MOLECULAR RESEARCH 0.775
栾弘 张茜 吕永曼 OM85-BV Induced the Productions of IL-1 beta, IL-6, and TNF-alpha via|TLR4-and TLR2-Mediated ERK1/2/NF-kappa B Pathway in RAW264.7 Cells JOURNAL OF INTERFERON AND CYTOKINE RESEARCH 2
张茜 栾弘 吕永曼 袁劲 Galectin-9 ameliorates anti-GBM glomerulonephritis by inhibiting Th1 and|Th17 immune responses in mice AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-RENAL PHYSIOLOGY 3.248
鲁艳军 彭静 孙自镛 IL-6 Promoter Functional Polymorphism-572C/G Affects Spontaneous|Clearance of Hepatitis B Virus Infection CLINICAL LABORATORY 1.129
王峰 龙光文 陈琛 汪道文 Atherosclerosis-Related Circulating miRNAs as Novel and Sensitive|Predictors for Acute Myocardial Infarction PLOS ONE 3.234
刘曌宇 刘正湘 姚大春 Estradiol improves cardiovascular function through up-regulation of SOD2|on vascular wall REDOX BIOLOGY 0
李聪 刘征 杨帆 Predictors of catheter-related bladder discomfort after urological|surgery JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
曹平平 张亚娜 刘争 Increased local IgE production induced by common aeroallergens and|phenotypic alteration of mast cells in Chinese eosinophilic, but not|non-eosinophilic, chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGY 4.769
廖波 胡春燕 刘争 Respiratory viral infection in the chronic persistent phase of chronic|rhinosinusitis LARYNGOSCOPE 2.144
史丽丽 宋静 刘争 Disease-Specific T-Helper Cell Polarizing Function of Lesional Dendritic|Cells in Different Types of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 12.996
张心浩 张亚娜 刘争 MicroRNA in Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis CURRENT ALLERGY AND ASTHMA REPORTS 2.765
刘喆隆 张建华 严江涛 李永胜 Leucocyte Telomere Shortening in relation to Newly Diagnosed Type 2|Diabetic Patients with Depression OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY 3.516
李晓晨 刘先胜 徐永健 KLF5 promotes hypoxia-induced survival and inhibits apoptosis in|non-small cell lung cancer cells via HIF-1 alpha INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
项红兵 刘成 刘涛涛 Central circuits regulating the sympathetic outflow to lumbar muscles in|spinally transected mice by retrograde transsynaptic transport INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
刘荣华 马湘一 王世宣 奚玲 The novel fusion protein sTRAIL-TMTP1 exhibits a targeted inhibition of|primary tumors and metastases JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE-JMM 5.107
刘荣 Oxidative Stress Induces Endothelial Cell Senescence via Downregulation|of Sirt6 BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 1.579
郭娜 李豫峰 刘群 Two different concentrations of oxygen for culturing precompaction stage|embryos on human embryo development competence: a prospective randomized|sibling-oocyte study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
李志鹏 王慧 刘立思 Interleukin-25 Enhances Allergic Inflammation through p38MAPK and|NF-kappa B Pathways in Mouse Models of Allergic Rhinitis IRANIAN JOURNAL OF ALLERGY ASTHMA AND IMMUNOLOGY 0.989
李志鹏 尹丽丽 刘立思 Association between promoter polymorphisms of interleukin-4 gene and|allergic rhinitis risk: a meta-analysis JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
逯青丽 刘建 朱晓莉 徐文佳 Expression of nerve growth factor and hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha|and its correlation with angiogenesis in non-small cell lung cancer JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
郭雪玲 邓燕 刘辉国 Clinical characteristics of hereditary multiple exostoses: A|retrospective study of mainland chinese cases in recent 23 years JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
袁晓 邓燕 郭雪玲 刘辉国 Atorvastatin attenuates myocardial remodeling induced by chronic|intermittent hypoxia in rats: Partly involvement of TLR-4/MYD88 pathway BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
刘栋 MicroRNA-451 suppresses tumor cell growth by down-regulating IL6R gene|expression CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY 2.711
刘东 吴涛 张程亮 Beneficial effect of Calculus Bovis Sativus on 17|alpha-ethynylestradiol-induced cholestasis in the rat LIFE SCIENCES 2.702
刘眈 李莉 汪辉 马丁 高庆蕾 SIX1 Promotes Tumor Lymphangiogenesis by Coordinating TGF beta Signals|That Increase Expression of VEGF-C CANCER RESEARCH 9.329
刘眈 张晓雪 高庆蕾 Sine oculis homeobox homolog 1 promotes alpha 5 beta 1-mediated invasive|migration and metastasis of cervical cancer cells BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
刘眈 张晓雪 高庆蕾 Sine oculis homeobox homolog 1 promotes DNA replication and cell|proliferation in cervical cancer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
刘常宇 张正 廖永德 Crosstalk between IGF-1R and other Tumor Promoting Pathways CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 3.452
刘安定 G-CSF pretreatment aggravates LPS-associated microcirculatory|dysfunction and acute liver injury after partial hepatectomy in rats HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY 3.054
林立 Evaluation of STAT3 signaling in ALDH+ and ALDH+/CD44+/CD24- subpopulations of breast cancer cells. PLOS ONE 3.234
陈曼 常莹 何星星 林菊生 Influence of cytotoxic T lymphocyte- associated antigen 4 polymorphisms|on the outcomes of hepatitis B virus infection MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
唐和孝 廖永德 Fulvestrant-Mediated Inhibition of Estrogen Receptor Signaling Slows|Lung Cancer Progression ONCOLOGY RESEARCH 1.059
何星星 郭安源 廖家智 林菊生 Bioinformatics analysis identifies miR-221 as a core regulator in|hepatocellular carcinoma and its silencing suppresses tumor properties ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2.301
连立飞 许峰 唐洲平 朱遂强 No exacerbation of perihematomal edema with intraclot urokinase in|patients with spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA 1.766
连立飞 许峰 朱遂强 Intraclot recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator reduces|perihematomal edema and mortality in patients with spontaneous|intracerebral hemorrhage JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
王艳 黄鸣 历春林 Relationship between concentrations of IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 and|preoperative depression risk, and effect of psychological intervention|on outcomes of high-grade glioma patients with preoperative depression|in a 2-year prospective study MEDICAL ONCOLOGY 2.634
李宗哲 黄锦 汪道武 汪道文 Rapid molecular genetic diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by|semiconductor sequencing JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 3.93
李仁杰 高伟 李占飞 Cyclooxygenase-2 blockade inhibits accumulation and function of|myeloid-derived suppressor cells and restores T cell response after|traumatic stress JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
雷涛 郭娜 谭美华 李豫峰 Effect of mouse oocyte vitrification on mitochondrial membrane potential|and distribution JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
雷涛 郭娜 谭美华 李豫峰 Vitrification of in vitro matured oocytes: effects on meiotic spindle|configuration and mitochondrial function INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
李阳凯 刘振声 刘洪亮 Potentially functional variants in the core nucleotide excision repair|genes predict survival in Japanese gastric cancer patients CARCINOGENESIS 5.334
朱伟 李新宇 Efficacy of polyunsaturated fatty acids for dry eye syndrome: a|meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials NUTRITION REVIEWS 6.076
艾涛 李小明 Diffusion tensor imaging in evaluation of thigh muscles in patients with|polymyositis and dermatomyositis BRITISH JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY 2.026
李喜平 张程亮 刘东 Reduced bioavailability of cyclosporine A in rats by mung bean seed coat|extract BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES 0.264
王惜娟 李文斌 常立文 GSTM1 and GSTT1 gene polymorphisms as major risk factors for|bronchopulmonary dysplasia in a Chinese Han population GENE 2.138
李伟 王薇 马丁 汪辉 Proteomics Analysis of Normal and Senescent NG108-15 Cells: GRP78 Plays|a Negative Role in Cisplatin-Induced Senescence in the NG108-15 Cell|Line PLOS ONE 3.234
李伟 王薇 马丁 汪辉 Cisplatin-induced senescence in ovarian cancer cells is mediated by|GRP78 ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2.301
李天 王世宣 濮德敏 Isolation and identification of epithelial and stromal stem cells from|eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY AND REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY 1.695
李瑞超 房明浩 The presence of EGFR mutations predicts the response in Chinese|non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with erlotinib INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MARKERS 1.371
马珩 李娜萍 Expression of papillary thyroid carcinoma-associated molecular markers and their significance in follicular epithelial dysplasia with papillary thyroid carcinoma-like nuclear alterations in Hashimoto's thyroiditis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
李曼 万里 梅伟 田玉科 Update on the clinical utility and practical use of ropivacaine in|Chinese patients DRUG DESIGN DEVELOPMENT AND THERAPY 3.028
谷刚建 陈涛 李军 Gu, Gang-jian; Chen, Tao; Zhou, Hong-min; Sun, Ke-xiong; Li, Jun Role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway in the mechanism of|calcification of aortic valve JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
王晓丽 李军 miR-195 inhibits the growth and metastasis of NSCLC cells by targeting|IGF1R TUMOR BIOLOGY 3.611
李娟 New Alkaloids from Aconitum vaginatum HELVETICA CHIMICA ACTA 1.138
唐焜 李恒 徐华 叶章群 Laparoscopic versus Open Radical Cystectomy in Bladder Cancer: A|Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Comparative Studies PLOS ONE 3.234
李新宇 李贵刚 Promotion of minTBP-1-PRGDN on the attachment, proliferation and|collagen I synthesis of human keratocyte on titanium INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY 0.705
曹云 熊伟 李锋 Pedicle Screw Versus Hybrid Construct Instrumentation in Adolescent|Idiopathic Scoliosis Meta-analysis of Thoracic Kyphosis SPINE 2.297
李勇 熊伟 李锋 Enhanced osseointegration and antibacterial action of zinc-loaded|titania-nanotube-coated titanium substrates: In vitro and in vivo|studies JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A 3.369
李德民 赵秋 Safety and efficacy of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography|for common bile duct stones in liver cirrhotic patients JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
孟凡凯 李春蕊 In vitro effects of imatinib on CD34+cells of patients with chronic|myeloid leukemia in the megakaryocytic crisis phase ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
雷永芳 刘东 任秀华 陈镜楼 Potential of grape seed-derived polyphenols extract for protection|against testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in castrated|rats RSC ADVANCES 3.84
雷永芳 任秀华 陈镜楼 刘东 Protective effects of grape seed-derived procyanidin extract against|carrageenan-induced abacterial prostatitis in rats JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS 3.574
赖巧红 胡群 张述 王从义 Assessing the optimal dose for Cetrorelix in Chinese women undergoing|ovarian stimulation during the course of IVF-ET treatment AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
[Cai, L.; Zeng, F.; Liu, B.; Wei, L.; Chen, Z.; Jiang, J.] Huazhong Univ Sci & Technol, Tongji Med Coll, Tongji Hosp, Inst Organ Transplantat, Wuhan 430074, Peoples R China; [Cai, L.; Zeng, F.; Liu, B.; Wei, L.; Chen, Z.; Jiang, J.] Minist Hlth, Key Lab, Wuhan, Peoples R China; [Cai, L.; Zeng, F.; Liu, B.; Wei, L.; Chen, Z.; Jiang, J.] Minist Educ, Key Lab, Wuhan, Peoples R China; [Cai, L.] Huazhong Univ Sci & Technol, Tongji Med Coll, Tongji Hosp, Dept Otolaryngol Head & Neck Surg, Wuhan 430074, Peoples R China A single-centre, open-label, prospective study of an initially|short-term intensified dosing regimen of enteric-coated mycophenolate|sodium with reduced cyclosporine A exposure in Chinese live-donor kidney|transplant recipients INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE 2.566
姜永生 王芙蓉 Probucol suppresses human glioma cell proliferation in vitro via ROS|production and LKB1-AMPK activation ACTA PHARMACOLOGICA SINICA 2.912
江晶晶 赵凌云 朱文珍 Comparative analysis of arterial spin labeling and dynamic|susceptibility contrast perfusion imaging for quantitative perfusion|measurements of brain tumors INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
梁宾勇 黄志勇 陈孝平 Primary Results of Salvage Liver Transplantation in the Patients with|Unresectable Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Initial Liver|Resection HEPATO-GASTROENTEROLOGY 0.928
刘富瑶 黄志勇 Minocycline and cisplatin exert synergistic growth suppression on|hepatocellular carcinoma by inducing S phase arrest and apoptosis ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2.301
郭峰 韩肖华 赵秀秀 黄晓林 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Promotes Neural Stem Cell|Proliferation via the Regulation of MiR-25 in a Rat Model of Focal|Cerebral Ischemia PLOS ONE 3.234
周匡果 黄梅 C-MYC Aberrations as Prognostic Factors in Diffuse Large B-cell|Lymphoma: A Meta-Analysis of Epidemiological Studies PLOS ONE 3.234
曾雯 孟凡凯 黄丽芳 Bortezomib-based chemotherapy regimens can improve response in newly|diagnosed multiple myeloma patients with bcl-2 and survivin|overexpression INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
黄焕军 Downregulation of PI3Kcb utilizing adenovirus-mediated transfer of siRNA|attenuates bone cancer pain INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
韩平 黄焕军 Pulmonary sequestration presenting with left upper abdominal bloating|and marked elevation of serum carbohydrate antigen 19-9: A case report ONCOLOGY LETTERS 1.554
韩平 晏维 田德安 黄焕军 Chronic bronchitis with fungal infection presenting with marked|elevation of serum carbohydrate antigen 19-9: a case report INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
许啸虎 郑翠红 黄光英 A randomized controlled trial of acupuncture to treat functional|constipation: design and protocol BMC COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2.02
高伟娜 黄光英 Effect of acupuncture on CXCL8 receptors in rats suffering from embryo|implantation failure JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
熊繁 王颖 黄光英 Clinical Study of Electro-acupuncture Treatment with Different|Intensities for Functional Constipation Patients JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
黄博 Protective effect of Cichorium glandulosum seeds from ultraviolet|B-induced damage in rat liver mitochondria FOOD & FUNCTION 2.791
黄博 胡丹 章汉旺 Is frozen embryo transfer cycle associated with a significantly lower|incidence of ectopic pregnancy? An analysis of more than 30,000 cycles FERTILITY AND STERILITY 4.59
黄博 李舟 章汉旺 Antioxidant capacity of follicular fluid from patients undergoing in|vitro fertilization INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
黄博 李舟 朱丽霞 章汉旺 Progesterone elevation on the day of HCG administration may affect|rescue ICSI REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE 3.015
祝达 蒋孝慧江云辉 胡争 汪辉 Amplification and Overexpression of TP63 and MYC as Biomarkers for|Transition of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia to Cervical Cancer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER 1.958
胡争 于兰 马丁 汪辉 Disruption of HPV16-E7 by CRISPR/Cas System Induces Apoptosis and Growth|Inhibition in HPV16 Positive Human Cervical Cancer Cells BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 1.579
胡晓鹏 余杰 罗志勇 吴亚群 Synergism between upregulation of Rab7 and inhibition of autophagic|degradation caused by mycoplasma facilitates intracellular mycoplasma|infection MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
胡晓鹏 余杰 吴亚群 A small GTPase-like protein fragment of Mycoplasma promotes tumor cell|migration and proliferation in vitro via interaction with Rac1 and Stat3 MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
胡伟华 张伟凯 陈安民 Bortezomib prevents the expression of MMP-13 and the degradation of|collagen type 2 in human chondrocytes BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
胡琦 刘安定 张存泰 朱遂强 Lower serum uric acid levels in cerebral amyloid angiopathy: a pilot|study NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES 1.447
黄平 胡萍 Morin Inhibits Sortase A and Subsequent Biofilm Formation in|Streptococcus mutans CURRENT MICROBIOLOGY 1.423
李川 杨熹 胡俊波 Isorhamnetin suppresses colon cancer cell growth through the|PI3K-Akt-mTOR pathway MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 1.554
王桂华 杨熹 胡俊波 PIK3R3 Induces Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Promotes|Metastasis in Colorectal Cancer MOLECULAR CANCER THERAPEUTICS 5.683
潘君茹 王辰 李斌 胡军 Effect of Methyl-CpG binding domain protein 2 (MBD2) on AMD-like lesions|in ApoE-deficient mice JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
李文雯 龙国贤 刘东伯 胡国清 Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor celecoxib suppresses invasion and migration|of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines through a decrease in matrix|metalloproteinase-2 and-9 activity PHARMAZIE 1.052
刘东伯 龙国贤 胡国清 Anticancer effects of celecoxib through inhibiton of STAT3|phosphorylation and AKT phosphorylation in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell|lines PHARMAZIE 1.052
刘东伯 龙国贤 胡国清 Primary tumor volume should be included in the TNM staging system of|nasopharyngeal carcinoma MEDICAL HYPOTHESES 1.074
龙国贤 林静雯 胡国清 Single-arm, multi-centre phase II study of lobaplatin combined with|docetaxel for recurrent and metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients ORAL ONCOLOGY 3.607
孙伟 刘东伯 胡国清 Interleukin-6 promotes the migration and invasion of nasopharyngeal|carcinoma cell lines and upregulates the expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
孙伟 胡广原 胡国清 Predictive value of a serum-based proteomic test in non-small-cell lung|cancer patients treated with epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine|kinase inhibitors: a meta-analysis CURRENT MEDICAL RESEARCH AND OPINION 2.653
孙伟 龙国贤 胡国清 Prognostic role of epidermal growth factor receptor in nasopharyngeal|carcinoma: A meta-analysis HEAD AND NECK-JOURNAL FOR THE SCIENCES AND SPECIALTIES OF THE HEAD AND|NECK 2.641
汤浩 王梓 胡道予 Depiction of Transplant Renal Vascular Anatomy and Complications:|Unenhanced MR Angiography by Using Spatial Labeling with Multiple|Inversion Pulses RADIOLOGY 6.867
韩志强 王笑犁 马丁 周剑峰 洪振亚 Inhibition of STAT3 signaling targets both tumor-initiating and|differentiated cell populations in prostate cancer ONCOTARGET 6.359
刘成 刘涛涛 项红兵 Inhibition of itch-related responses by selectively ablated serotonergic|signals at the rostral ventromedial medulla in mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
刘涛涛 贺志刚 田学愎 项红兵 Neural mechanisms and potential treatment of epilepsy and its|complications AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH 3.402
孙淑珍 闫瑾军 林菊生 何星星 Visualizing hepatitis B virus with biarsenical labelling in living cells LIVER INTERNATIONAL 4.85
颜俊伟 林菊生 何星星 The Emerging Role of miR-375 in Cancer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER 5.085
郝燕 项红兵 Retrograde tracing of medial vestibular nuclei connections to the kidney|in mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1.891
李闻涛 韩娜 Clinical efficacy of radical nephrectomy versus nephron-sparing surgery|on localized renal cell carcinoma EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH 1.495
刘纯 葛北海 郭小梅 Mitofusin 2 decreases intracellular lipids in macrophages by regulating|peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
龚士强 周彬 In Vitro Evaluation of Antibacterial Effect of AH Plus Incorporated with|Quaternary Ammonium Epoxy Silicate against Enterococcus faecalis JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS 3.375
高轶 樊晓武 平伟; 付向宁 miR-138-5p reverses gefitinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer|cells via negatively regulating G protein-coupled receptor 124 BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2.297
陈彩虹 方海燕 高庆蕾 Novel permissive murine immunocompetent orthotopic colon carcinoma model|for comparison of the antitumoral and safety profiles of three Adv-TKs GENE THERAPY 3.104
高庆蕾 陈彩虹 周剑峰 马丁 A Systematic Comparison of the Anti-Tumoural Activity and Toxicity of|the Three Adv-TKs PLOS ONE 3.234
杨宗元 周晓水 高庆蕾 Activation of Integrin beta 1 Mediates the Increased Malignant Potential|of Ovarian Cancer Cells Exerted by Inflammatory Cytokines ANTI-CANCER AGENTS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2.469
杜宇 李俊华 何凡 高红宇 The Diagnosis Accuracy of PLA2R-AB in the Diagnosis of Idiopathic|Membranous Nephropathy: A Meta-Analysis PLOS ONE 3.234
桂娟 李爱珍 冯玲 Association between hyperglycemia in middle and late pregnancy and|maternal-fetal outcomes: a retrospective study BMC PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH 2.19
冯杰雄 CD8+T lymphocyte response against extrahepatic biliary epithelium is|activated by epitopes within NSP4 in experimental biliary atresia AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER PHYSIOLOGY 3.798
何金鹏 郝云 冯杰雄 Review of the Molecular Pathogenesis of Osteosarcoma ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
邱银荣 杨继鑫 冯杰雄 HMGB1-Promoted and TLR2/4-Dependent NK Cell Maturation and Activation|Take Part in Rotavirus-Induced Murine Biliary Atresia PLOS PATHOGENS 7.562
韦佳 李宁 冯杰雄 Effects of lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation on the interstitial|cells of Cajal CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH 3.565
杨琴 杜杏利 方忠 Effect of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide on the Neurogenesis of Rat|Adipose-Derived Stem Cells In Vitro PLOS ONE 3.234
班金豹 樊晓武黄畦 Mono-(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate Induces Injury in Human Umbilical Vein|Endothelial Cells PLOS ONE 3.234
杜婷婷 余学锋 Secular trends in the prevalence of low risk factor burden for|cardiovascular disease according to obesity status among Chinese adults,|1993-2009 BMC PUBLIC HEALTH 2.264
杜婷婷 孙星星 余学锋 Associations of serum uric acid levels with cardiovascular health|factors: Differences by sex, age and body mass index in Chinese|participants EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE 2.891
杜婷婷 孙星星 余学锋 Visceral adiposity index, hypertriglyceridemic waist and risk of|diabetes: the China Health and Nutrition Survey 2009 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY 5.004
杜婷婷 袁刚 孙星星 余学锋 Clinical usefulness of lipid ratios, visceral adiposity indicators, and|the triglycerides and glucose index as risk markers of insulin|resistance CARDIOVASCULAR DIABETOLOGY 4.015
张宏伟 Endothelial progenitor cells as a possible component of stem cell niche|to promote self-renewal of mesenchymal stem cells MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 2.393
丁则阳 梁慧芳 张必翔 陈孝平 Smad6 Suppresses the Growth and Self-Renewal of Hepatic Progenitor Cells JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 3.839
丁文成 胡争 马丁 汪辉 Zinc Finger Nucleases Targeting the Human Papillomavirus E7 Oncogene|Induce E7 Disruption and a Transformed Phenotype in HPV16/18-Positive|Cervical Cancer Cells CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 8.722
樊晓武 邓豫 陈文树 张霓 付向宁 Use of lung-preserving surgery in left inflammatory bronchial occlusion|and distal atelectasis: preliminary results INTERACTIVE CARDIOVASCULAR AND THORACIC SURGERY 1.155
朱美华 Evaluation of Stroke Volume and Ventricular Mass in a Fetal Heart Model:|A Novel Four-Dimensional Echocardiographic Analysis ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY-A JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR ULTRASOUND AND ALLIED|TECHNIQUES 1.254
邓裴 任玉萍 吴毅平 Two modified surgical procedures for treating early stage breast cancer|in China JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
李瑾 李璠璠 邓东锐 Up-regulated expression of Tim-3/Gal-9 at maternal-fetal interface in|pregnant woman with recurrent spontaneous abortion JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-MEDICAL|SCIENCES 0.834
崔广林 丁虎 汪道文 Lack of causal relationship between leukocyte telomere length and|coronary heart disease ATHEROSCLEROSIS 3.994
崔广林 李宗哲 丁虎 汪道文 A Functional Variant in APOA5/A4/C3/A1 Gene Cluster Contributes to|Elevated Triglycerides and Severity of CAD by Interfering With MicroRNA|3201 Binding Efficiency JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY 16.503
刘云 褚汉启 Age-related change in the expression of NKCC1 in the cochlear lateral|wall of C57BL/6J mice ACTA OTO-LARYNGOLOGICA 1.099
罗霞 徐文娟 鲁艳军 管青 Genetic Variant in CLPTM1L Confers Reduced Risk of Lung Cancer: a|Replication Study in Chinese and a Meta-analysis ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
孙倩 王荣华 程斌 Notch1 is a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of human|hepatitis B virus X protein- associated hepatocellular carcinoma ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2.301
孙倩 王荣华 程斌 Notch1 promotes hepatitis B virus X protein-induced hepatocarcinogenesis|via Wnt/beta-catenin pathway INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 3.025
高义 陈忠华 周鸿敏 Generation and Characterization of Polyclonal Antibodies Against Mouse|T-cell Immunoglobulin and Immunoreceptor Tyrosine-based Inhibitory|Domain by DNA-based Immunization TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS 0.982
汪合成 陈忠 Up-regulation of p21(WAF1/CIP1) by miRNAs and its implications in|bladder cancer cells FEBS LETTERS 3.169
栾宙 何莹 陈知水 何凡 Targeting the prohibitin scaffold-CRAF kinase interaction in|RAS-ERK-driven pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma MOLECULAR CANCER 4.257
肖晓光 王淑静 陈元 Relationship Between the SER Treatment Period and Prognosis of Patients|with Small Cell Lung Cancer ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2.514
陈勇军 陈孝平 Enteric reconstruction of pancreatic stump following|pancreaticoduodenectomy: A review of the literature INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY 1.531
窦磊 孟伟山 朱鹏 陈义发 陈孝平 Step-by-step Vascular Control for Extracapsular Resection of Complex|Giant Liver Hemangioma Involving the Inferior Vena Cava AMERICAN SURGEON 0.818
敦伟 陈义发 陈孝平 The regulation role of interferon regulatory factor-1 gene and clinical|relevance HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY 2.138
陈孝平 黄志勇 张必翔 Chen's U-Suture Technique for End-to-End Invaginated|Pancreaticojejunostomy Following Pancreaticoduodenectomy ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY 3.93
张贯启 陈孝平 Associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged|hepatectomy (ALPPS): A new strategy to increase resectability in liver|surgery INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY 1.531
陈唯唯 Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions at|Various Ages RADIOLOGY 6.867
陈唯唯 Intracranial Calcifications and Hemorrhages: Characterization with|Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping RADIOLOGY 6.867
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